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Phlebotomist : venipuncture training is a person responsible for drawing blood from the veins of a human or animal for various diagnostic or research purposes. There are numerous medical careers and jobs that can be obtained by anyone who has phlebotomy training. You may find that there are various places where you may work as a phlebotomist. There are some phlebotomists that like to work in private or Government sector hospitals and others that want to work in laboratories and clinics. Depending on your specific interest, you may find that there are a wide range of responsibilities of a phlebotomist or what you have learned with your phlebotomy training. A hospital administration will employ skilled workers who have completed phlebotomy training but can work as a medical assistant, EKG technician or a laboratory technician as well. A clinic will be more specific place for you as a professional phlebotomist and you will only be responsible for typical phlebotomist responsibilities. Skilled Phlebotomist that work in hospitals will likely have a job description that is much more inclusive of various job responsibilities. You will be required to take blood draws and other body fluid specimens including urine, saliva, etc.

You will be further expected to perform other tasks as well, like performing some basic lab testing protocols or handling of equipments. It is a responsibility of a phlebotomist to interact with a patient fairly so you must make sure to follow all lab safety protocols and inform about any signs or reported symptoms to the doctor or nurse or other responsible staff. The job responsibilities of a phlebotomist in a hospital may also include a phlebotomy training to work as a medical assistant. A medical assistant’s job includes collecting the medical history of the patient, preparing necessary equipments, getting the patient prepared for blood drawing, and assisting the physician in diagnosing any disease present. This may also include other medical related tasks which consist of updating medical records, scheduling various tests, submitting claim forms, and coordinating billing. The clerical tasks are also included in medical assistant job responsibilities for in a hospital setting. These may include answering phones, relaying messages, and managing office paperwork. Clinical job responsibilities will include testing blood specimens or even blood banking tasks. There are various phlebotomy training courses available today. These courses will help to prepare you for the basic job description of a phlebotomist including various blood drawing techniques and specimen collection procedures.

Phlebotomists are trained to prepare and collect blood samples in a way to comfort patients, keep track of patient data, learn laboratory procedures and laboratory safety are some of the additional tasks that you need to learn. You will need a certification exam to clean phlebotomy upon leaving school in London. Depending on the training program you choose, you can take six to twenty four months to complete. The more science education can be achieved, the better the chance of getting a satisfying and rewarding job in the industry of health care a higher starting salary. Most phlebotomy training schools have a job placement process to help. You may be able to learn more about your profession. You can choose the basic and advanced courses online phlebotomy, in-class and laboratory training gives you all the skills and knowledge you want to learn. Find phlebotomy training programs that offer analysis of blood samples of human anatomy, human physiology, safety precautions in the laboratory, and how to interact with patients. It is very important to develop excellent communication skills to deal with all types of patients. Upon successful completion of the training phlebotomy courses, you are eligible to take the certification exam. People who have worked in the field of phlebotomy can sometimes be eligible to participate in the certification exam. It is very difficult to get a job in the field of phlebotomy without proper training and certification. Once you receive your official phlebotomy certification, you will be able to find and can be applied for jobs relatively quickly, and that jobs in this field are many and phlebotomists are in high demand all over the London.