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New Year Offer 2014 To Get Free Extra Training

New Year Offer Phlebotomy Certification

The interaction between the patient and the communication you receive from your phlebotomy training will be priceless .

Light blue: A reversible anticoagulant sodium citrate in measured quantity is present. It is used for coagulation assays (prothrombin time , partial thromboplastin time ) . Full draw is essential as the dilution factor must be maintained liquid citrate . Dark Blue: anticoagulant heparin sodium is added , sometimes containing EDTA as an additive or containing no additive . These tubes are used for trace metal analysis and toxicology tests . Pink: EDTA containing tubes like potassium purple , pink tubes used for blood banks and Molecular / viral load testing.

Red tubes (glass): Antibody tests , chemicals and drugs that these tubes containing no additives are used . Blood cells and serum is separated by centrifugation . Yellow: blood culture specimens using tubes containing sodium polyanethol sulfonate (SPS) . Acid – citrate – dextrose ( ACD) as an additive is used for blood bank studies , HLA phenotypes and evidence of parents. As : These tubes are certified free of lead , therefore , is used for the determination of lead . The tubes containing sodium heparin or potassium EDTA .

Phlebotomy training courses , in addition to teaching collection techniques , correct procedures and order of draw as specified by NCCLS , also prepare the phlebotomist for emergencies and help you understand the appropriate laboratory procedures in order to requirements prevent contamination or infection control .