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Venipuncture Training Get Certified Now

The art of drawing blood from the veins in the human body is defined as venipuncture. You will need to have proper venipuncture training in order to draw the blood sample and the professional who does it in most cases is the phlebotomist. The blood sample that is collected is used for the purpose of detection and monitoring. You will need to learn the specialized skills of venipuncture and cannulation with due practice which is supported by theoretical knowledge.

Why: Should You Get A Phlebotomy Certification

A certified technician who draws blood from the veins of patients for blood tests in the laboratory is known as a Phlebotomist. By focusing entirely on blood collection the trained technician helps doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. This …

Phlebotomy Certification And Competencies Required

A phlebotomist is in charge of drawing blood from veins of patients. If you wish to start a career in this field, you can start by getting a Certification in phlebotomy. There are numerous Schools for phlebotomy, both online and offline, which offer certification phlebotomy courses as well as specialized degrees on this subject.

Venipuncture Training: Get Certified Now

The art of drawing blood from veins in the human body is known as Venipuncture. You will need to have a proper venipuncture training in order to draw a blood sample. The phlebotomist is the person who does it in most cases. The blood sample so collected is used for detection and monitoring purposes. Venipuncture and Cannulation are very specialized skills and one can learn it only after a lot of practice which should be adequately supported by theoretical knowledge.

Venipuncture Procedure : Requisition, Labeling, Equipment

Phlebotomist Training play an important role in pre-analytical lab work, but their skill is also highly sought after during transfusions, blood donations, and clinical research. Due the diverse nature of their responsibilities, Phlebotomists have the option of wo …

What is laboratory training?

Laboratory training is requisite for a lab technician. One cannot imagine working in a lab without it. Lab training enables a student to carry out all the experiments and different biological and chemical procedures in a becoming way. There are many courses (whether online or not), which help an individual to achieve the mandatory knowledge about specified lab operations.

What are lab technicians?

Lab technicians are helpers to the scientists and technologists working in a lab. They should be focused, attentive; always on the watch-out. To become a lab technician you need to have good practical skills. IQ should be excellent; maths should be more than good. Lab technicians work in diverse fields of science like, biology, psychology, electronics, geology and the environment. They have to process data given to them; they should be ready to deal with hazardous radiations, toxic and dangerous chemicals, body fluids/tissues etc.

When one considers practicing laboratory training courses-or say becoming a laboratory technician, he/she should keep this in mind that this specific field is a complex maze itself. Medical laboratories, hospital labs, psychologists’ labs, bio-technology labs, etc. are some basic laboratories that are playing their roles efficiently, moving the human race towards never-ceasing success, comfort and endless possibilities.

Why is Lab-training essential?

Lab phlebotomy training is very crucial for technicians starting new, because their job is risky and dangerous. Dealing with radio-active rays, unpredictable voltages and high magnetic fields; deadly chemicals and complex machinery is no joke! If a laboratory emergency or a critical situation arises, one has to be prepared for it.

Lab training in London

London is the heart of UK, where scientists and technicians are working ceaselessly, discovering many surprising secrets about this amazing bio-sphere and its inhabitants. There are many universities in London which help students and bachelors to get quality and standardised laboratory training courses. Universities like; The University of Westminster, University of London, City University London, are working industriously, and providing really good and efficient lab training courses. These courses have a lengthy procedure; requiring standard set of qualification. After you’re done with these courses, success in this career is guaranteed as these phlebotomy courses are pre-requisite in these challenging times!

Course Contents

The courses provided by the several institutions of London and UK are very accurate and efficacious. The lectures and practical sessions incorporate the followings:

  • The handling, working and calibration of laboratory glassware.
  • Use of pipettes (graduated and variable volume ones), and burettes including titration methods and techniques.
  • Use and also calibration of balance; handling of weights.
  • Use and calibration of pH meters
  • Sampling and storage methods
  • Marking of classified chemical samples; acids, alkalis
  • Training of specified analytical equipments.

 Lab-training Opportunities

To give more subtlety to the courses that students are studying, it is advised to work towards getting a vocational degree/qualification like an NVQ/SVQ in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities at levels 2 to 4(it may depend on your experience). The Institute of Science & Technology (IST) provides several diplomas which may help students to procure good jobs, also strengthening their CVs. These diplomas can also be taken up to numerous specialisms.  After the diplomas it is better for a bachelor/student to keep up with CPD (Continuing professional development). There are many programs organized online which give you the opportunity to practice CPD; such as the CLEAPSS. It offers a range of courses for technicians in schools/colleges. The Association for Science Education (ASE) also executes programs and events throughout the UK, enabling ambitious young souls to accomplish their aims and careers and get phlebotomy certification.