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The Emerging Role of Nurses in GP Surgeries


Many GP surgeries now provide patient care in early morning hours, evenings and on weekends.  While these newly expanded hours benefit patients, GPs are already overloaded and often overwhelmed.   It is therefore important to explore ways to maximise the functions of GP surgery support staff. One approach is to train nurses to perform phlebotomy courses services in house. This provides flexibility in coverage options and may provide advancement opportunities for ancillary staff. Further, since GP surgeries can receive up to £10,000 a year for providing phlebotomy services, there may be the potential to generate additional revenue.  This article outlines the case for delegating certain low-level tasks to support staff, the advantages of providing in house phlebotomy services, and how to properly evaluate phlebotomy training courses.

Given the recent government initiative to expand the hours and coverage of GP surgeries, work hours are considerably longer than before.  Recent statistics (January, 2009) from the UK Department of Health indicate that nearly 70% of GP practices in England are now offering extended hours.  These GP surgeries are providing patient service in early morning hours, as well as in the evenings and on weekends.  While this expansion of hours is certainly a benefit for patients, GPs are typically already overloaded and overwhelmed.  In addition, with longer service hours comes the daunting prospect of obtaining reliable, long-term coverage.  Since service shortfalls can negatively impact patients’ perceptions and experience regarding their quality of care, it is important to continually explore ways to maximise the functions of support staff, thereby providing some much needed relief for GPs.

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One approach to providing such relief is to provide structured, systematic phlebotomy training for nurses, or other ancillary staff members, which will enable these workers to competently perform phlebotomy certification services in house.  This can help off load GPs in larger groups who are already offering phlebotomy services, and can increase the service options of smaller GP groups not currently offering phlebotomy.  Since GP surgeries can receive up to £10,000 a year from the local government for providing in-house phlebotomy services to their patients, these smaller groups may realise additional revenue generation opportunities.  In addition, offering in house phlebotomy can create new promotional or career opportunities within the office’s existing employee group.   The trained support staff can either function as the primary providers of phlebotomy services, or provide back up or secondary coverage during peak periods.  This will serve to accelerate patient care and improve patient experience at the GP surgeries.

They key advantage in providing phlebotomy services in house is the better patient experience and patient reported outcomes. You will be able to tailor your service to your patients’ needs and in instances where there is already an existing provider, you will be able to supplement and provide cover for your patients when there are service shortfalls.

Nursing and phlebotomy jobs are looked upon with great respect these days. It is also a subject that creates deep interest and evokes a feeling of thrill and challenge in candidates. This is also the reason many new nursing courses have been introduced to assist those who want to work in a hospital. If you are serious about entering into the world of health care and offer dedicated services in this industry, taking up one of these courses will definitely help.

In case, your main intention is to grab a job as a nurse or a phlebotomist, then you need to focus more on core subjects such as science, math, and health related subjects. Nursing is a highly respectable and important job in the society. Hence, it is important to make up your mind thoroughly.

Pursuing education in phlebotomy courses and nursing field is not cakewalk. You would require emphasizing on obtaining relevant and dedicated knowledge from a reputed school, institution or college. Once you are determined to pursue nursing or phlebotomy as a career, look for some of the many nursing courses available these days, your major step towards pursuing your dream should be to find a reputed school. The most important thing to take care is that the nursing college or institute is registered and holds good name. Pursuing phlebotomy course from a non registered or unrecognized college may ruin your career. Understand that getting trained from an unrecognized college is equivalent to not getting trained at all. You will not be able to secure a good job via pursuing courses from such a college.

Make sure that you decide on a nursing courses /phlebotomy school that is also ready to offer you state of the art services, advanced courses and flexible time schedule. Most of the modern nursing, phlebotomy and paramedic training programs will cover basics such as blood pressure monitoring, taking note of vitals and a lot more. These courses are designed in a fashion to upgrade you with the latest techniques and procedures followed in the medical industry. Modern nursing courses and modules are created to help you work in a hospital efficiently.

Once you start off with the training, the whole procedure may seem to be time consuming and difficult too. The reason is that you require undergoing stringent paramedic training to gain expertise in your niche field. The best part about the training is that you would be considered for recruitments after successful completion. You may be employed immediately or a little later depending on your expertise and performance level as a student. Most of the students are judged according to their capability to work in a hospital.

Most people are under a notion that education at phlebotomist training and nursing colleges need to be full time. However, this is not true. The courses are quite flexible these days. If you are unable to devote several hours in a day to pursue these courses, you can avail part time training programs available online these days. These courses have helped many housewives and professional to obtain authentic degrees in the field of nursing and phlebotomy without having to devote many hours or disturbing their daily schedules. Part time courses dedicated to nursing and phlebotomy training is an ideal fit for those who do not feel comfortable joining college and attending it on a regular basis. One of the best phlebotomy courses available in the UK is by Maxis Healthcare ( This course includes both Theory and Live Bloods in a clinical environment and will lead to a Certificate of Competency.