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For patients with difficult veins, normally uses a syringe and needle. BD Vacutainer tubes are used for patients who have small delicate veins may collapse under vacuum.

For elderly patients or patients with unreliable veins, babies, coagulation studies, obese patients with difficult veins, intravenous therapy patients with scarred veins, and the veins in the wrist, back of the hand, ankle, foot or scalp, an infusion set (butterfly) is used. The duties of a phlebotomist technicians vary depending on the workplace. In a hospital, the phlebotomists main duty is to help doctors.

The technician also coordinates with nurses. One of the duties of a phlebotomy courses is a technician of the hospital taking blood or tissue of patients. The phlebotomist ensures that a patient is properly identified before sampling. Some of the technical duties of the hospital as a phlebotomist is click correctly or skin incision patients to take samples. The phlebotomist is responsible for the amount of blood or tissue taken should be sufficient for the specified test. Another aspect of the rights Technicians hospital as a phlebotomist is that the samples are properly labeled. The technician also ensures that properly labeled samples are delivered to a laboratory to time. Phlebotomists can be completed either in work training, cross train other health profession, or a formal program of training schools phlebotomist training to achieve these competencies. Phlebotomy certification professional associations leads to refinement of skills and continuing education for practicing phlebotomists.