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It is pretty common these days for doctors to recommend a blood test to be done whenever you consult him. There are specialists who are trained in drawing blood from the body of the patient so that in the near future it can be send to the laboratories for the various tests. This whole process of getting blood form a patient is known as phlebotomy. This whole process of getting blood form a patient is known as phlebotomy. This is a very simple task but you will gain experience and mastery once you start practicing. To guide you through your career as a phlebotomist courses you should follow the phlebotomy certification tips.

The application of various medicinal practices gives a particular result during the time of analysis. One should follow certain tourniquets in phlebotomy to get the accurate result. Tourniquet is a device, which helps a patient to stop sudden bleeding; most of the phlebotomist apply this application made out of  a stick and a cloth. You will now get modified tourniquets with the surgeons. It is generally a compressed device which compresses the veins during the time of some surgery but it is applies in phlebotomy courses too.

Therapeutic phlebotomy is another term, which is used for the normal blood donation. You all must be fully acquainted with the notion as to what is blood donation. In therapeutic phlebotomy you can easily some blood in some camps or hospital without the any prescription form a doctor. The blood from your body shall be taken in the same procedure by checking the level of red cell and then your pressure shall be checked, if all these come to be normal you will be able to give blood

You should apply these phlebotomy tips to get the best result and save the life of the patient. Some of these vital tips, which you should follow, is:

  • The first phlebotomy tips which you should keep in mind before injecting the needle is that you should check the vein and by touching it should come to know whether it is the perfect one or not. Well do not forget to wear your gloves before touching the patient’s body.
  • At times you will find difficulty in finding veins on many hands of patients, you should not get worried this happens due to the thickness of the veins. Gradually you will gain mastery over it.
  • You should remember and keep in mind of using the proper size of the needle with a size perfectly made for the tube. If you are taking blood samples from the hands of a patient, which is the usual place from where blood is drawn, never inject the huge injections like the 23 gauge needle with a 10ml tube. This will otherwise burst the vein and the patients might be taken to the hospitals.

Phlebotomist: Duties Defined

Phlebotomy can be defined as an age old tradition utilized widely to eliminate a specific amount of blood from an individual’s vein. The process is also referred to as venipuncture. This was known to be the most painful method practised to detect diseases in early age. The procedure was carried out by cutting vein and then collecting blood in to a vessel as required. Puncturing vein was a difficult and extremely painful process in the past. Apart from this excess amount of blood was lost during the procedure. However, these days, with the advancement in the technology, phlebotomy or venipuncture has become an easier process. If you are interested in taking up phlebotomy as a career, it is important to acquire sound knowledge about the procedure and duties as a professional. This article will help you know about what is a Phlebotomist and what does a phlebotomist do in detail to get better knowledge on the subject.

What is a Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists are experts in the field of medical science. These professionals are responsible for extracting requisite amount of blood from patients. This is usually done for crucial laboratory tests and related procedures. The procedure can also be performed by nurses at hospitals and nursing homes. Most hospitals hire staff holding expertise in the art of phlebotomy.

Critical Responsibilities and Duties of Phlebotomists:

Phlebotomists require dealing with human blood on a daily basis or venipuncture as an integral part of their duty. This also indicates that they are exposed to serious contaminants and harmful diseases that can be contracted from blood samples. Hence, a phlebotomist needs practise serious precautions while performing their duties. They must take good care of their personal safety and ensure safety of others around them.

Phlebotomists extract blood samples and other requisite body fluids carefully. If you are a phlebotomist, then it is your duty to sterilize relevant collection devices and the atmosphere around prior to the collection. Once you have collected the required amount blood, you need to label it correctly. The container with sample needs to be given relevant patient information. This helps in identification of the sample for later usage.

Under certain circumstances, you may also require performing special functions on blood samples to aid for advanced analysis. Any error during the job may result in serious problems such as wrong diagnosis, fatal contamination and a lot more.

Career Prospects as a Phlebotomist

If you are serious about taking up phlebotomy as a career, then there are many specialized training institutions where you can apply for degree and certification courses. Usually the training consists of a 1 year program offered by reputed schools and colleges. As a certified phlebotomy training, you can expect handsome salary that ranges between £16k to £25k annually.

If you want to sign up for a Phlebotomy courses, there are few courses that will let you get a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomy. Maxis Healthcare provides one such course which gives you all the Theory instruction, Mannequin training as well as Live Bloods in a Phlebotomy clinic which is conducted by our highly trained Phlebotomy Trainers working in reputable UK hospitals.

The interaction between the patient and the communication you receive from your phlebotomy training will be priceless .

Light blue: A reversible anticoagulant sodium citrate in measured quantity is present. It is used for coagulation assays (prothrombin time , partial thromboplastin time ) . Full draw is essential as the dilution factor must be maintained liquid citrate . Dark Blue: anticoagulant heparin sodium is added , sometimes containing EDTA as an additive or containing no additive . These tubes are used for trace metal analysis and toxicology tests . Pink: EDTA containing tubes like potassium purple , pink tubes used for blood banks and Molecular / viral load testing.

Red tubes (glass): Antibody tests , chemicals and drugs that these tubes containing no additives are used . Blood cells and serum is separated by centrifugation . Yellow: blood culture specimens using tubes containing sodium polyanethol sulfonate (SPS) . Acid – citrate – dextrose ( ACD) as an additive is used for blood bank studies , HLA phenotypes and evidence of parents. As : These tubes are certified free of lead , therefore , is used for the determination of lead . The tubes containing sodium heparin or potassium EDTA .

Phlebotomy training courses , in addition to teaching collection techniques , correct procedures and order of draw as specified by NCCLS , also prepare the phlebotomist for emergencies and help you understand the appropriate laboratory procedures in order to requirements prevent contamination or infection control .

Phlebotomists are specialized in drawing blood from the veins of human or animals chiefly for the purpose of testing or research purposes. There are various opportunities in London in order to build up your career as a phlebotomist. The job description of phlebotomists in clinics is slightly different than that of phlebotomists in a hospital. Clinical responsibilities will likely include a testing center or even blood bank and the job description of a phlebotomist is more consistent with the phlebotomy training courses available today. These training courses will prepare you for the basic job description of a phlebotomist that consists of various blood drawing techniques and specimen collection procedures. The job description of a phlebotomist in a clinic will include other clerical and management tasks also. You will need to maintain patient files and schedule future tests. You also have to answer the phone calls, help with future scheduling of appointments and putting together necessary paperwork and patient’s records. The phlebotomists in a laboratory will have to perform a variety of tasks that may require more extensive training than basic phlebotomy training. A phlebotomist in a laboratory is responsible for more than just blood draws and taking bodily fluid specimens. A phlebotomist in a laboratory may also be called as a laboratory technician and will be responsible for performing the diagnostic tests on samples that come into the laboratory. This job will also require to operate, clean and sterile the equipment in the laboratory. You will also need to communicate the results to the doctor that ordered test. The phlebotomist Courses in a lab may also require performing clerical duties such as answering phones and updating various medical documents such as patient records. A phlebotomist in a managerial role will be required in order to observe the operations of other phlebotomists.

Phlebotomist : venipuncture training is a person responsible for drawing blood from the veins of a human or animal for various diagnostic or research purposes. There are numerous medical careers and jobs that can be obtained by anyone who has phlebotomy training. You may find that there are various places where you may work as a phlebotomist. There are some phlebotomists that like to work in private or Government sector hospitals and others that want to work in laboratories and clinics. Depending on your specific interest, you may find that there are a wide range of responsibilities of a phlebotomist or what you have learned with your phlebotomy training. A hospital administration will employ skilled workers who have completed phlebotomy training but can work as a medical assistant, EKG technician or a laboratory technician as well. A clinic will be more specific place for you as a professional phlebotomist and you will only be responsible for typical phlebotomist responsibilities. Skilled Phlebotomist that work in hospitals will likely have a job description that is much more inclusive of various job responsibilities. You will be required to take blood draws and other body fluid specimens including urine, saliva, etc.

You will be further expected to perform other tasks as well, like performing some basic lab testing protocols or handling of equipments. It is a responsibility of a phlebotomist to interact with a patient fairly so you must make sure to follow all lab safety protocols and inform about any signs or reported symptoms to the doctor or nurse or other responsible staff. The job responsibilities of a phlebotomist in a hospital may also include a phlebotomy training to work as a medical assistant. A medical assistant’s job includes collecting the medical history of the patient, preparing necessary equipments, getting the patient prepared for blood drawing, and assisting the physician in diagnosing any disease present. This may also include other medical related tasks which consist of updating medical records, scheduling various tests, submitting claim forms, and coordinating billing. The clerical tasks are also included in medical assistant job responsibilities for in a hospital setting. These may include answering phones, relaying messages, and managing office paperwork. Clinical job responsibilities will include testing blood specimens or even blood banking tasks. There are various phlebotomy training courses available today. These courses will help to prepare you for the basic job description of a phlebotomist including various blood drawing techniques and specimen collection procedures.