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Phlebotomist: Duties Defined

Phlebotomy can be defined as an age old tradition utilized widely to eliminate a specific amount of blood from an individual’s vein. The process is also referred to as venipuncture. This was known to be the most painful method practised to detect diseases in early age. The procedure was carried out by cutting vein and then collecting blood in to a vessel as required. Puncturing vein was a difficult and extremely painful process in the past. Apart from this excess amount of blood was lost during the procedure. However, these days, with the advancement in the technology, phlebotomy or venipuncture has become an easier process. If you are interested in taking up phlebotomy as a career, it is important to acquire sound knowledge about the procedure and duties as a professional. This article will help you know about what is a Phlebotomist and what does a phlebotomist do in detail to get better knowledge on the subject.

What is a Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists are experts in the field of medical science. These professionals are responsible for extracting requisite amount of blood from patients. This is usually done for crucial laboratory tests and related procedures. The procedure can also be performed by nurses at hospitals and nursing homes. Most hospitals hire staff holding expertise in the art of phlebotomy.

Critical Responsibilities and Duties of Phlebotomists:

Phlebotomists require dealing with human blood on a daily basis or venipuncture as an integral part of their duty. This also indicates that they are exposed to serious contaminants and harmful diseases that can be contracted from blood samples. Hence, a phlebotomist needs practise serious precautions while performing their duties. They must take good care of their personal safety and ensure safety of others around them.

Phlebotomists extract blood samples and other requisite body fluids carefully. If you are a phlebotomist, then it is your duty to sterilize relevant collection devices and the atmosphere around prior to the collection. Once you have collected the required amount blood, you need to label it correctly. The container with sample needs to be given relevant patient information. This helps in identification of the sample for later usage.

Under certain circumstances, you may also require performing special functions on blood samples to aid for advanced analysis. Any error during the job may result in serious problems such as wrong diagnosis, fatal contamination and a lot more.

Career Prospects as a Phlebotomist

If you are serious about taking up phlebotomy as a career, then there are many specialized training institutions where you can apply for degree and certification courses. Usually the training consists of a 1 year program offered by reputed schools and colleges. As a certified phlebotomy training, you can expect handsome salary that ranges between £16k to £25k annually.

If you want to sign up for a Phlebotomy courses, there are few courses that will let you get a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomy. Maxis Healthcare provides one such course which gives you all the Theory instruction, Mannequin training as well as Live Bloods in a Phlebotomy clinic which is conducted by our highly trained Phlebotomy Trainers working in reputable UK hospitals.