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Phlebotomy skills are normally taken for granted by many people. In fact, in the UK today, there is no universal accreditation in Phlebotomy in the NHS. Yet, it is such and important skill which is necessary in so many areas of healthcare that it is important that all the aspects of Phlebotomy are taught in both Theory form as well as Practical Assessments on mannequins and Live Bloods on real patients. The Maxis Healthcare Phlebotomy Course is one of the very few courses in the UK which imparts the knowledge and skills of Phlebotomy to our students. Visit our website at for more information as well as feedback from many of our students.

Phlebotomy is a skill that is highly sought after by many professionals. Paramedics and Ambulance staff will need to be able to perform phlebotomy and cannulation in able to resuscitate people in their homes or in public. This is a potentially life saving procedure especially when somebody is bleeding after an accident for example. Nurses will also benefit greatly in learning the basic skills of Phlebotomy. In many areas of nursing, both in primary care as well as in hospitals, the practice of phlebotomy and venepuncture is crucial in getting urgent blood tests done in order to treat a sick patient. Hospital Phlebotomists as well as outpatient phlebotomy clinics normally run only at specific times for routine blood taking and may not be always available for emergency or urgent blood tests. Also, relying on doctors to take blood is not always prudent as they may be tied up in other more urgent areas and not able to attend to take a blood sample. The ability to perform Phlebotomy as a nurse also gives you a skill set which differentiates you from your peers and gives you a higher profile in critical situations in the clinic and the ward.

In fact, Nursing Training and Nursing Courses do include practical Phlebotomy practical skills in their curriculum and this is normally taught inhouse. However, the exposure is normally quite limited and students may want to avail themselves of exeternal courses like the Maxis Healthcare Phlebotomy courses which leads to a certification in Phlebotomy.

Many Doctors Surgeries and Clinics have phlebotomy clinics which are sometimes conducted by trained Phlebotomists. However, it is also quite common for their clinic staff like Health Care Assistants, Clinic Nurses and even Receptionists to have undergone Phlebotomy training. At Maxis Healthcare, we have trained quite a few HCAs and clinic staff in obtaining a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomy which they have used to good effect.

Another important area where Phlebotomy skills can be useful is in the laboratory and research setting. Medical research is now a key part in advancing science and healthcare today and to achieve this, clinical trials are very important. Many clinical trials require the laboratory staff to perform Phlebotomy on the research volunteers. Many Laboratory staff will need to obtain a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomist training to be able to achieve this.

If you are interested in a career in Phlebotomy, you have made a good choice as there is a lot of opportunities in both the NHS and private sector. The job also allows flexibility in working hours. Starting salaries in the NHS are about £16k per annum and will rise with experience as well as job specifications. It is a skilled that can be taught effectively. We at Maxis Healthcare, will be able to offer you a tailor made course comprising Theory Lessons, Practice on Mannequins and finally, Live Bloods in a Phlebotomy Clinic which will enable you to achieve a Certificate of Competency.

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