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One approach to providing such relief is to provide structured, systematic phlebotomy training for nurses, or other ancillary staff members, which will enable these workers to competently perform phlebotomy certification services in house.  This can help off load GPs in larger groups who are already offering phlebotomy services, and can increase the service options of smaller GP groups not currently offering phlebotomy.  Since GP surgeries can receive up to £10,000 a year from the local government for providing in-house phlebotomy services to their patients, these smaller groups may realise additional revenue generation opportunities.  In addition, offering in house phlebotomy can create new promotional or career opportunities within the office’s existing employee group.   The trained support staff can either function as the primary providers of phlebotomy services, or provide back up or secondary coverage during peak periods.  This will serve to accelerate patient care and improve patient experience at the GP surgeries.

They key advantage in providing phlebotomy services in house is the better patient experience and patient reported outcomes. You will be able to tailor your service to your patients’ needs and in instances where there is already an existing provider, you will be able to supplement and provide cover for your patients when there are service shortfalls.